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COVID-19 Keeping you informed


In these unprecedented times, IBS is making every endeavour to stay up to date and assist you regarding Government Stimulus Packages and Employment obligations but not just the what, the how to's. 


We have created this page to share information and links in an effort to give you answers in a "one stop page".   With news continuing to change and not being unsure what the facts are, the Fact sheets below are dated to make identifying updates easier for you and we advise below the date this information was last verified.  Links to the various government bodies are live, we simply suggest you check into this page on a regular basis. 

Should you discover something that is not listed on our page and believe it would be helpful, please email us and let us know.


Economic Stimulus & Support:  

Last Update & Fact Sheets check - 19/08/2020


There are numerous support offers (listed below) and we will continue to add these as they come to light.


Federal Support for Business - Link to Treasury


Fact Sheets:

Delivering Support for Business Investment - Update 21/07/2020

Boosting Cash flow for employers - Update 02/04/2020

Supporting apprentices and trainees - Update 29/07/2020

Temporary relief for financially distress businesses - Update 21/04/2020



Below are ATO Links for Business and Individuals     

ATO - Economic Stimulus for SME's

ATO - Economic Stimulus for LARGE Business


VIC State Govt Support for Business - Link


Click on this link to apply for the Vic Business Support Fund    Apply for Vic Business Support Fund



For those industries remaining open in STAGE 4 please adhere to the rules and those still operating and flexible enough to have their employees working remotely from home the key words remain:   COMMUNICATE  (Employer) & COLLABORATE (Employee) but I'd add a couple more, such as patience and understanding.  Please bear in mind, it is becoming a lonely and isolated existence for some and for others home schooling children whilst continuing to work the most challenging role they've ever played.  I ask you all to bear in mind the challenges that each of you face and place yourself in the other person's shoes if only for a few minutes.



Fact Sheet:     

Extension of the JobKeeper Payment - Updated 10/08/2020

JobKeeper Payment - Update 07/08/2020

JobKeeper Payment:Changes to the Fair Work Act - Update 07/08/2020

JobKeeper Payment Protecting Integrity - Update 07/08/2020


Click on this link to Enrol yourself or refer to your BAS/TAX Agent:    Enrol for Job Keeper Payments 


The following link highlights the State Revenue of Victoria's waiving of Payroll Tax, Land Tax and Liquor Licence Fees - noting if your taxable payroll exceeds $3M per year you are NOT eligible for the waiving of payroll tax

SRO VIC - Payroll & Land Tax Stimulus


For those employers based in Victoria with employees in other states, the following links cover all states & territories with the exception of the Northern Territory who are yet to release a stimulus around payroll tax

OSR QLD - Payroll Tax Stimulus

Revenue NSW - Payroll Tax Stimulus

Revenue SA - Payroll Tax Stimulus

SRO TAS - Payroll Tax Stimulus

WA Govt Payroll Tax Stimulus

Revenue ACT - Payroll Tax Stimulus


Link to Fairwork  in relation to employer obligations to employees


Fairwork - Coronavirus Q&A

Individuals/Sole Traders & Employees

Support for Individuals & Households

Link to Treasury


Fact Sheets:

Income Support for Individuals - Update 29/07/2020

Payments to support households - Updated 29/03/2020

Early access to Super - Updated 27/07/2020

Providing Support for Retirees - Updated 25/03/2020



Link to Services Australia


To register for job seeker you must have a personal myGov account which is linked to your Medicare or ATO account.


Link to apply for

Link to sign into to add Medicare/ATO


Once the above is complete, remain in and select the option "Intention to access coronavirus support".  Having completed this, you will be in the system and receive a follow up call to discuss it further.



Business owners regardless of size or structure, we know that this is a very stressfull time, but you need to take care of yourself and look after your family.  Although some people may appear in a better position than others, we are all in the same boat; rocking up and down, in uncharted waters with no idea of how rough the journey will be, or when it will end. There is help available and I urge you to reach out if you are struggling.


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